Toys: are they playing with you?


Exhibition, first produced for Cockpit gallery, London.

Developed with Salusbury Infants school, the exhibition was produced by Geoff Cox (photographer), two teachers from the school, Victoria de Rijke and Alison Wood, and the following children (aged 5-7 years): Alice, Berian, Bilal, Chlorise, Colin, Daniel, Danielle, Edward, Hey Sin, James, Joshua, Kausari, Kimberley, Manisha, Noah, Raymond, Ruth, Sebastian, Shane, Solomon, Sonia, Stella, Steven, Taiyab, Tamika, Tariq, Tom, William.

The exhibition takes the form of a research project that explores the subject of children’s toys. The exhibition was shown at Cockpit Gallery, London, 18 November – 15 December, 1987, and subsequently toured by them to London Schools. It was a winner of a Fawcett Society Award for Gender Equality. Funding was provided by the Cockpit Gallery and Brent Education Authority.


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