Museum of Ordure


The Museum of Ordure is a self-institution that explores the cultural value of ordure through its projects and ongoing public collections. It takes a special interest in the management of human waste and its impact on the concept of the public sphere and civil society. Its early policies on preservation included running a server-based script that accelerated the process of decay of its digital objects, resulting in unpredictable and often sudden glitches appearing in the images and captions that constituted its public collection. Issues related to the social web have further inspired the development of the museum’s website, in taking the detritus of communications and cataloguing it as empty speech acts.


Recent projects include the publication O1.01.CM: Collection of the Museum of Ordure (2014) and World in Motion: Films from the Collection of the Museum of Ordure (2014). Related interview at Kunsthal Aarhus follows:

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