Concept Store


Concept Store is a journal published by Arnolfini, focusing on critical issues of contemporary art and their relationship to wider cultural, social and political contexts. While Concept Store reflects upon ideas explored within Arnolfini’s artistic programme as well as future research projects, it is intended to be a critical platform in its own right, operating as a discursive space for commissioned texts, artists’ contributions, interviews and other experimental forms. It aims to challenge the conventions of the exhibition catalogue and the inter-relations of artistic production, critical writing and cultural theory. The journal also continues Arnolfini’s engagement with contemporary design practice, with each issue guest-designed by a different practitioner.

#3 Art, Activism and Recuperation
Contributors: Glenn Adamson, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Franco Berardi (Bifo), Thomas Hirschhorn, Brian Holmes, Ele Carpenter, Freee, Esther Leslie, Geoff Cox, Pirat Byran, James Panton, Institute for the Art & Practice of Dissent at Home, Platform, Lars Bang Larsen, Sarat Maharaj, Nav Haq, Stevphen Shukaitis & Erica Biddle, Tom Trevor, Mark Wallinger. Designed by Message & Meaning

#2 Possible, Probable and Preferable Futures
Contributors: Heiremans & Vermeir, Francesc Ruiz, Graham Gussin, Heman Chong, Tommy Støckel, Marjolijn Dijkman, Neil Cummings & Marysia Lewandowska, Dieter Roelstraate, Max Gane, Bifo (Franco Beradi), Richard Grussin, Will Holder, Mark von Schlegell, Laura Oldfield Ford, Liu Ding, Geoff Cox, Nav Haq, Tom Trevor, Metahaven, Kianoosh Vahabi, Cher Potter. Designed by Europa

#1 Art, Consumerism and the Experience Economy
Contributors: Åbäke, Brian Aldiss, Cao Fei/China Tracy, Geoff Cox, Daniel Eatock, Nav Haq, Mia Jankowicz, Carol Yinghua Lu, Alex Rich, Tom Trevor, Unmask Group. Designed by James Langdon

Editors: Geoff Cox, Nav Haq and Tom Trevor

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