#!/usr/bin/python # A script for greeting every server on the Internet. import iptools, httplib for ip in iptools.IpRangeList(‘’): try: print “Greeting ” + ip cx = httplib.HTTPConnection(“%s:80” % ip) cx.request(“POST”, ‘/’, “message=Hello+world!”) except: pass # From Speaking Code: Coding as Aesthetic and Political Expression # code by Alex McLean. # Video of Franco Bifo Berardi […]


// transitional codework $yahooKey = ‘unlock yahoo’; $me_description = array(); $me_picture = array(); $me_query = “Geoff%20Cox”; $me_request = ‘http://search.yahooapis.com/WebSearchService/V1/webSearch?appid=’.$yahooKey.’&query=’.$me_query.’&results=20′; // rather than a narcissistic attitude towards objects // as projections of self: me // the object is recognised as separate and distinct // from self: not-me $not_me = file_get_contents($me_request); // such as: “Geoffrey lives in […]

Hello world!

hallo welt! (hello world!) is a collaboration between Geoff Cox and Duncan Shingleton. It was shown as a projection at BV Gallery, Linz (July 2008). It was also shown as hello world! as part of AFTER THE NET, at Peninsula Arts Gallery, Plymouth (Sept-Nov 2009) and at Tecnologico Monterey, Toluca, Mexico (March 2010). A “Hello […]


if ($boy) { } else { return $girl; }


— Crowd Code — text by Geoff Cox / code by Mark Winstanley (1999) — image: The Great Chartist Meeting on Kennington Common, April 10, 1848, photograph taken by William Kilburn. — Movie Script global gBlobList on preparemovie if listP(gBlobList) then set gBlobList = 0 if (the soundlevel <>5) then set the soundlevel = 5 […]