Arnolfini online

Between 2007 and 2013, online (and some offline) projects for Arnolfini (Centre for Contemporary Art) in Bristol, UK. These projects are archived at

Project/artists include: The Likes of Brother Cream Cat, Helen Pritchard & Winnie Soon (2013); slub world, slub (2013) with Kunsthal Aarhus; Miscommunication Station, Telekommunisten (2012-13) with Abandom Normal Devices Festival; The Project Formerly Known As Kindle Forkbomb, Ubermorgen (2012-13); unCloud, INTK (2012) with Artefact festival; 120days of *buntu, Danja Vasiliev & Gordan Savicic (2011); #ordure, Museum of Ordure (2011); F2F & P2P virtual residency, Paolo Cirio (2011);, Les Liens Invisibles (2010); cuts_test & corps_checker, Wayne Clements (2010 & 2008); _feralC_, Mary-Anne Breeze, aka mez (2010); common practice, Magda Tyżlik-Carver / Department of Reading (2010); The Status Project, Heath Bunting (exhibited 2010); I know that it’s all a state of mind, Eva and Franco Mattes, aka 0100101110101101.ORG (2010) with Plymouth Arts Centre; /mode +v noise, GOTO10 (2009); unCraftivism, initiated by Rui Guerra/INTK (2009); The Folksomy Project, JODI (exhibited 2009); Class Library, Harwood (2009); antisocial notworking, various artists (2008-); www_hack, Rui Guerra (2008); Bibliophile, M. Institute / Steven Paige (2009); babble, Alex McLean (2008); (2006-7); for every step you take i take a thousand, Duncan Speakman (2007); uPhone, Kate Rich / Bureau of Inverse Technology (2007).