01.01.CM: Collection of Museum of Ordure


collection of the Museum of Ordure
Museum of Ordure
Antipyrine, 2014
supported by the Danish Arts Council
© Copyfarleft / kopimi 2014
ISBN 978-87-93108-07-3

The work derives from an earlier work published as Cover Versions: The Communist Manifesto in Cabinet magazine, issue 4, Fall 2001.

Previously derived from an earlier book project Manifest by Tim Brennan and Geoff Cox / with Adrian Ward. A reprint of the first edition of The Communist Manifesto (in German) first printed in 1848 juxtaposed with screen shots of a custom-built web browser version (English). The book is a response to the paradoxes of theory and action, simply to represent what is already known but remains unimplemented.

The book encourages people to visit the website www.46LiverpoolSt.org [now offline] where links are found to contextual information and from where the specially-built web browser can be freely downloaded – the browser permitted public access to the entire contents of the users hard disk.

Manifest, Published 1999 by Working Press, with support from the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust. ISBN 1 870736486, 146X214mm, 48pp. 46 Illustrations. Sold at cost price.

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